Be silent and, without seeking to obtain anything at all, listen. Life is circulating. You are. So why dash out forever seeking something that can exist only in you and nowhere else?

You are; there is nothing else. That is what we must become aware of.

I AM. This is tremendous! And discovering it, you would be fulfilled.

But! You can be more or less what you are, more or less the whole of yourself.

For example, when you dream that you are R.M. (initials of pupil), it’s not totally false, but it represents very little of yourself. Attachment to this quite limited aspect cuts you off from the greater part of yourself, and that is what makes you feel that something is missing. But instead of acknowledging this feeling of lack as your most reliable guide to yourself – to the total reality that in truth you are – you interpret it wrongly and allow a fear to rise that prompts you naively to search for what, so you think, could satisfy this lack. But the more desperately you hunt for what could satisfy this lack and calm you, the more you turn your back on reality, and finally things provoke such anxiety that you begin to panic. Be what you are, even if today that seems very little. Don’t give in to anger against your situation or against the automatisms that take hold of you; know that you are in a movement that carries you away and that you can recover yourself, at last recognize yourself.

I am in this thought, in this emotion, in this joy, this fear, this desire. Where could you find yourself other than there? You surely feel that these automatic movements are alive, that they draw their life from your LIFE.

I can only find my LIFE where it is. 

Learn to awaken to these movements in yourself and see that, for the moment, you are lost in them. It’s so simple. Once you have seen this, you will have to remember; when you remember, you will have to practice bearing witness to this vision of the reality of all that life offers us, without fearing to go into your existence fully aware of this truth.

We need existence and other people to learn. how to see.

Michel Conge