If we are to listen to our inner lives, we can hardly avoid the need for preparation.  This listening is essentially the experience of a new relation with ourselves. It requires the mobilization of our attention. When the attention begins to awaken, we realize that it can become more stable, less like a cork forever bobbing back to the water’s surface. We need first to emphasize coming to the best possible inner relaxation, while keeping a vigilant eye on the one who starts talking inside us. In these inner conditions, we can discover where various tensions lodge in us. Our mental associations become less invasive. After this first cleansing, at certain moments we have the impression of a more real life in our bodies. Without changing anything, we become sensitive to the rhythm of our breathing. During this approach to quiet work, we draw nearer to the possibility of knowing a state of being in which there is no question of doing something but rather of silently experiencing impressions linked to our inner reality.

This state is one of non-doing. It is not a state of total immobility – that would be a sign of interference. At no moment whatever is there a question of eliminating this or introducing that. On the contrary, everything in us is attentive, supple and unknown.

For now, we see that we are not wholly capable of this but, despite our varied obstacles, we practice it daily.

– Henriette Lannes